Roberts Cove Basin


Removing boats from storage

We are now working with a new company based in New Durham that will be doing our spring de-winterizing and maintenance work on all the boats at Roberts Cove Basin. To make sure your boat gets the attention it needs we request a 2-week notice for removing your boat from storage and getting it ready for the summer season. We will be adding new services this spring including on site detailing. More about this service will be sent out in a few weeks.

Boat Trailers

This year the following items will be required to be on each trailer used in any manner, including storage, trailer dock or transporting your boat.

    • The minimum trailer ball size is 2 inch (1 inch and 7/8 inch balls are not acceptable).
    • All trailers must have two safety chains with hook, securely fastened to the trailer frame.
    • All trailers used on public roads must have a current registration. Please provide Roberts Cove Basin with a copy of the registration.
    • All trailers brought on site must have the owner’s name and bow number on the trailer. This can be written on with permanent ink or with a waterproof Tyvek tag. Letters must be at least 1 inch tall. Tyvek tags will be available on site and we have special paint markers.
    • If you store your boat with Roberts Cove Basin, your trailer must be road worthy by September 1, 2018. We can provide you with names of trailer vendors. Roberts Cove Basin will no longer provide custom trailers for your boat.