Gas and Oil – Suitable for watercraft.

Pump Outs – $10.00 per boat.

Launch – $20.00 for boats and jet skis, up to two watercraft per trailer; $10.00 for hand launch of canoes and kayaks. Launch fee includes putting in, taking out and parking for 1 vehicle for 1 day. We do not provide valet launch.

Parking – $2.00 per vehicle per day

Season Launch Pass – $275.00

We do have ice, a soda machine, ice cream, and bathroom facilities.

We do not have snacks, or telephone. We do not rent boats. We do not take Credit Cards.

Winter Storage – We can store boats either under cover or outside. Please note that your storage request must be received by October 15, 2019. A pre-printed request form is available at the gas shack for returning customers. Here are the forms you would need to read/prepare:

Dock and Trailer Dock Rental – We have seasonal dock rentals and a very long waiting list.  We also offer a trailer dock which will allow you to leave your boat at our marina and launch whenever you like.  The boat is kept on the land on a trailer on the premises.  If you are interested in a dock rental, please let us know if you would like to be on the wait list or would like to use the trailer dock option by submitting the dock rental form via email.