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Preparing your Watercraft for Winter Storage

This document is based on the best information available and is intended to provide information to watercraft owners that will allow them to prepare their watercrafts for winter storage. We have also provided links to articles that will provide more information.

Roberts Cove Basin, LLC does not warrantee or guarantee the information in this document but does encourage watercraft owners to do their own investigation and research before making their decisions.


Removal of personal items, food and other products that may freeze:

  • Please remove all personal items such as radios, fish finders, and other electronics, life jackets, vests and other personal safety equipment.

  • You can leave your fire extinguisher in the watercraft.

  • Remove any cloth items not part of the covering system. Towels, clothes and similar items are attractive to rodents for making nests.

  • Remove all food products, they attract animals and rodents and vermin.

  • Remove any items that would freeze such as cleaners, etc.


Animal intrusion protection:

  • There are many animal intrusion products on the market and you may wish to put those in your watercraft.

  • Roberts Cove Basin, LLC uses natural products such as animal urine, spearmint and peppermint oils.


Watercraft coverings:

  • If you are having your watercraft wrapped, we will remove your covering and place it in the watercraft for the winter storage.

  • If you wish to store the covering at your home please let us know.


Battery Storage:

  • Battery storage can be accomplished in several ways, some people leave the battery in the watercraft, and others take their battery home.

  • You can request Roberts Cove Basin, LLC store it.

  • Batteries should be fully charged at the end of the season.

There are several schools of thought on gas storage over the wintertime. These are two of the more common processes:

Leaving fuel in your tanks over the winter -

  • One of the common recommendations from the major watercraft companies is to fill the fuel system and add a winter stabilization product and run the watercraft for about an hour. The winter stabilization product should be added per the manufactures recommendations. The product should be suitable for 6 to 8 months of storage time.

  • Refilling your fuel system after the hour run period.

  • Fuel purchased at Roberts Cove Basin contains Valvtect which is one of the industry’s best additives to prevent fuel problems caused by ethanol. Valvtect brochures are available at the gas shack with more details


Removing all fuel from the system for the winter -

  • Prior to leaving your watercraft for winterization and storage, add a fuel stabilization product, and use as much gas as possible. If you have portable tanks you may wish to use the gas in another piece of equipment.

  • If requested we will remove the gas from your watercraft and dispose of it thru our oil and gas recycling program.


Waste oil and gas disposal:
Due to environmental rules and regulations we now must dispose of oil and gas in a more complex and costly manner. We are now charging waste disposal fees for all motor oil, gear oil and gasoline. The disposal fees will be included in your winterization and/or maintenance bills.

Oil and gas disposal costs:

  • Waste oil - $1.00 per quart or portion thereof.

  • Waste gear oil - $1.00 per quart or portion thereof.

  • Gasoline - $3.00 gallon or portion thereof


Additional articles:
We've included several links to articles regarding how to prepare your fuel system, battery storage and general winterization.

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