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Our goal is to provide an opportunity for safe boating and an enjoyable respite from the everyday life.

Docks are off limits to everyone but the boat owners and their guests.​

Boats are private property and should not be touched or boarded by anyone not authorized to do so. If you plan to let a friend use your boat, please let staff know in advance so we do not think it is being stolen.

Fishing and swimming are allowed from your dock/slip only. Please remember that swimming around boats is very dangerous and doing so is at your own risk.


Pets must be under the control of the owner at all times and must be cleaned up after. Do not leave your pets unattended when you leave the marina.


Be respectful of others who are staying on their boats. Keep noise to a minimum after 8:00 pm and before 8:00 am.

Boat Safety: New Hampshire is now requiring people to pass a boating safety class if your boat meets certain standards. You can do this on line, as well as learn more about boating safety. Please visit New Hampshire Boater Safety Education for more information.

Please help us keep the lake clean! 

These guidelines will help ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy our Basin and Lake Winnipesauke:

  • We have disposal containers for recyclables and garbage. Please use the appropriate container for your waste (oil, other hazardous fluids in labeled area, recyclable items in labeled bins, garbage in dumpster. Our dumpster & other collection bins are for customers ONLY & are for waste generated while here. (We are not your household disposal center!)

  • We now have single stream recycling. Right next to the trash dumpster you will find a new recycling dumpster (same color but with different stickers). You can throw clean paper (nothing that has had food in it), cardboard, glass (beverage bottles), metal (aluminum and steel—and all those beverage cans) and all 7 of the recyclable plastics. Electronics are not accepted. Please help by sorting your trash and helping to reduce the landfill materials and sending recyclable materials back for re-use.

  • Please, DO NOT wash your boat (or your body) in the lake. Use our designated BOAT WASHING STATION with just water or with biodegradable cleaners (citrus-based, aqueous, etc) whenever possible. It is against the law to wash boats in the water. Sewage & grey water discharge is also illegal.

  • Painting & sanding of boats may only be done OUT OF THE LAKE in the designated area.

  • If you do routine maintenance while your boat is in the water, use precautions to prevent spills including: use of absorbent pads, collecting all fluids in a container & disposing fluids, rags & absorbent pads in the appropriate disposal area.

  • If it falls in the water (especially garbage), fish it out!


For more environmental information, please visit

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